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Many of these clocks are signed Whitehall/Hammond. With the exception of the  Regent Model most did not have names. Certainly Whitehall/Hammond clocks show an incredible amount of variety not shown in the more standard models


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belgium.jpg (35269 bytes)

Four color Belgium marble


tangreyblkmarblebelgium.JPG (26469 bytes)

Another unusual four color Belgium marble


onyxgrncurvedtop.jpg (27753 bytes)

Small Arched Belgium marble


greenonyx3tier.jpg (21374 bytes)

Really beautiful three tiered green onyx model


onyxgrndesk.jpg (28541 bytes)

Beautiful Deep Green Onyx Desk Clock


ballgrn.jpg (29182 bytes)

Two ball green onyx


ballvari.jpg (24780 bytes)

Two ball variegated onyx


ballwht.jpg (29068 bytes)

Two ball white onyx


alabaster.JPG (34868 bytes)

Whitehall Hammond Diamond Alabaster


alabaster2.jpg (35806 bytes)

Whitehall Hammond Tiered Alabaster 


bellshapegrn.jpg (33104 bytes)

Bell shaped green onyx


blkgothic.jpg (34622 bytes)

Gothic Black marble


diagonialmarble.jpg (28753 bytes)

Art Deco marble


grnroundtop.jpg (26154 bytes)

Round top green onyx


hexigrn.jpg (26243 bytes)

Hexagon green onyx


rectwhtblk.jpg (22393 bytes)

White/black rectangular onyx


regent.jpg (23983 bytes)



squaregrnlarge.jpg (27943 bytes)

Large square green onyx

This clock is approximately 12" high and wide


squaregrnmed.jpg (24756 bytes)

Medium square green onyx


onyxgrnblk.jpg (44923 bytes)

Green and black laminated onyx


squarewht.jpg (25777 bytes)

Small square white onyx


greenonyxconcavecorners.jpg (38605 bytes)

Green onyx with concave corners. unusual face


onyxredgrn.jpg (29158 bytes)

Unusual Art Deco Red and Green Variegated Onyx


onyxtilt.jpg (30344 bytes)\

Stylish Whitehall Hammond onyx clock with a tilting clock center  12' wide and 7" high


teardrop2.jpg (28745 bytes)

Teardrop onyx front view


teardrop1.jpg (26476 bytes)

Teardrop onyx side view

Note three piece laminated onyx


whtblk.jpg (30132 bytes)

White/black marble


whtorange.jpg (29579 bytes)

White/tan onyx


blackball.jpg (35158 bytes)

Large white/tan onyx with black balls


largewhtmarble.jpg (17514 bytes)

Large White Onyx


marblepinktan.jpg (32847 bytes)

Note the unusual marble colors on this clock


onyxtanblk.JPG (45952 bytes)

Black/Tan Variegated Onyx 


greenhextapered.JPG (36343 bytes)

Green onyx hexagonal but with tapered sides, three layers thick


onyxdomed.jpg (35375 bytes)

Beautiful  arched onyx clock with old style mechanism about 7" high


blackglass.JPG (36933 bytes)

Whitehall Hammond Black and White Glass 



glassblkwht.jpg (32572 bytes)

Another Whitehall Hammond Black and White Glass