Onyx Desk Sets with Hammond Clocks



onyxdesk.jpg (41120 bytes)

Onyx Desk Set with Roman Numeral face


ondeskgrnfull.jpg (30678 bytes)

Green Onyx Desk Set with Alarm Clock


ondeskgrnface.jpg (24607 bytes)

Close up of Clock


horseset.jpg (36768 bytes)

Here is the desk set to end all desk sets. Eight items all in the same color onyx. Clockwise from the left of the clock: There is a ink blotter, perpetual calendar,  paper clip/pen holder,  cigarette lighter, letter opener, pen holder and letter file.


horseclock.jpg (34806 bytes)

The clock to the large desk set is really quite stunning. Note the original sticker on the front of the marble indicating Brazilian Onyx.


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