Hammond RT-3


The Hammond RT-3 is basically the same organ as the B-3 with two notable exceptions, the 32 note concave radiating pedal board and the Pedal Solo Unit which produces tones from the 32' pitch through the 2' pitch.

The RT-3 pictured below is unusual in that it is an original factory ebony finish as are the two matching Leslie 122 RV speakers.


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Here is the RT-3 located in front of the Wurlitzer theatre organ pipe chambers.


RT3fullkeys.jpg (45814 bytes)

This picture shows the complete key desk of the RT-3. Note the Pedal Solo Unit to the right of the lower manual.


RT3lftcon.jpg (43969 bytes)

The right side of the console showing, from the top, the start/run switches, the white percussion tabs, the Pedal Solo Unit controls to the right of the lower manual and, on the keyslip the Leslie Ensemble Switch and the two Leslie reverb control switches.


rt3rtcon.jpg (48324 bytes)

The left side of the console showing, from the top, the volume and vibrato control tabs, the preset keys (reversed color) for each manual and the Leslie tremolo control switches which control the rotor speed (slow/fast) of the Leslies.


RT3leftles.jpg (40837 bytes)

The right Leslie 122 RV, note the ebony finish.


RT3rtles.jpg (39987 bytes)

The left Leslie 122 RV.


rt3setting.jpg (46751 bytes)


The RT-3 


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