sprorrery.JPG (45218 bytes)

Orrery Clock



sprchelseaset.JPG (82082 bytes)

Chelsea Ships Bell Clock Set



sprtimezone.JPG (48338 bytes)

Unusual 4 Time Zone Clock



sprworld.JPG (44945 bytes)

World Time Clock



spratmosliv.JPG (52403 bytes)

Wood Cased Atmos


spronyxcarriage.JPG (52585 bytes)

Crystal Regulator


spratmosornate.JPG (99154 bytes)

Ornate Brass and Onyx Atmos



sprmetalalarm.JPG (76812 bytes)

Late 1800's Metal Cased Alarm Clock



sprdigitalold.JPG (44842 bytes)

Very Early Digital  Carriage Clock



sprtubular.JPG (56690 bytes)

Plexiglas Tubular Electric Clock



sprskeleton.JPG (82154 bytes)

Brass Skeleton Clock



sprgears.JPG (36824 bytes)

Unusual Contemporary Wooden Gear Electric Clock



sprcatlan.JPG (50686 bytes)

Unusual Yorke Catalan Electric Clock

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