Weight & Spring Driven Wall Clocks

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sprstairwell.JPG (44050 bytes)

Howard Miller Plexiglas Chime



sprgrandfather.JPG (44982 bytes)

Molynouw Grandfather Clock



sprnestedbell.JPG (46051 bytes)

Seth Thomas Nested Bell Clock



sprvennia.JPG (54767 bytes)

Vienna Regulator Clock



Ornate Chime Clock



sprsmallcalendar.JPG (47093 bytes)

Double Dial Calendar


sprbechter.jpg (27076 bytes)

Gustav Bechter Berliner 



sprlargecalendar.JPG (49810 bytes)

Howard Miller Double Dial Calendar



sprpiano.JPG (47900 bytes)

San Francisco Clock Company



sprroundglass.JPG (57119 bytes)

Unusual Rounded Glass Clock, Germany



Engraved Falling Ball Clock




spr24hourchelsea.JPG (58265 bytes)

24 Hour Chelsea 8" Ships Clock



sprbath.JPG (46646 bytes) 

Howard Miller Contemporary Westminster


millerenclosed.jpg (36788 bytes)

Howard Miller Westminster contemporary in glass case 48" high


sprsonora.jpg (42081 bytes)

Seth Thomas 4 bell Sonora Clock in an Adamatine finish with porcelain dial


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