The Hammond B3

The Hammond B3 is the "classic' Hammond of today. Much sought after, a "mint" B3 will bring three to four times its original cost today. While not significantly different from other "B" models other than the addition of the percussion sound, the B3 holds a mystic that the other Hammond models can't hope to equal. The A100 series, the C3 and the RT3 are all exactly the same mechanically, the only difference is the case they are installed in. The B3 shown below is a mint condition model in cherry wood, a wood and finish color that is not too common.

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hamrmb3leslies.jpg (52913 bytes)

The Hammond B3 with two Leslie 122 speakers.


B3topview.jpg (63807 bytes)

 A close up view of the B3.


B3left.jpg (67418 bytes)

The keys and controls of the B3


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