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Ws6rk.jpg (115587 bytes)

Solo 7 rank chest (in Floor)

Ranks from right: Musette (barely visible) Krumet, Quintadena, Solo String, Oboe Horn, Viol 'd Orchestra, Oboe Horn, Viol Celeste.


Ws6.jpg (106428 bytes)

6 rank solo chest (in floor)

Ranks from top: English Post Horn, Cor Anglais, Solo String Celeste, Solo Tibia Clausa, Horn Diapason, Brass Trumpet


Ws4.jpg (121273 bytes)

4 rank free standing solo chest

Ranks from left: Horn Diapason Celeste, Kinura, Harmonic Flute (15" pressure) Brass Saxophone. Note Vox Humana chest and pipes just barely visible at top of picture


Wsupperstrcel.jpg (112953 bytes)

Wurlitzer three rank Viol 'd Amore (double celeste). Toy counter and solo Vox Humana visible at top of picture.



Wsfull.jpg (134039 bytes)

Over view of Solo Chamber showing 7 rank chest pipes on left, 4 rank chest and pipes on right, 16' string in lower background and 4' Pedal Principal (also part of pedal 3 rank mixture) in front of string. Above left is the 8' octave of the Horn Diapason Celeste with the 8' octave of the solo scale Tibia behind. Also visible is a portion of the toy counter and part of the solo Vox Humana


Wsmar.jpg (83090 bytes)

One section of the Wurlitzer Marimba Harp. Note that this is an unusual Wurlitzer action with outside pneumatics (and both a primary and tertiary valve system)


Wspedmix.jpg (81778 bytes)

Pedal 3 rank Mixture, the 4' Principal is part of this mixture and is located in front of 16' String and is available independently of the complete mixture.


Wstoy.jpg (66165 bytes)

Close up of toy counter. This is approximately 14' off floor level.


Wsglockjpg.jpg (97261 bytes)

Top of percussion "stack" includes 37 note glockenspiel, 37 note xylophone (directly below glock...bars not visible), barely visible top section of 49 note marimba harp. Also located in the stack is the 25 note tuned sleigh bell action.


Wsvox.jpg (86816 bytes)

Solo Vox Humana with toy counter above. Surf and shuffle machines visible under toy counter. VDO and Celeste 8' octaves visible on right also 3 pipes from 8' octave of the Solo String are visible at far right.


Wshighview.jpg (137155 bytes)

View of a portion of the solo chamber from the toy counter walk board. Lowest level is the 6 rank solo chest with the 3 rank Viol 'd Amore above. Percussion stack on left with 4 rank free standing chest on right. Rack board barely visible in lower right corner is part of solo Vox Humana.

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