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Wm7rk.jpg (80457 bytes)

7 rank main chest (in floor)

Ranks from right: Clarinet, Violin, Concert Flute, Violin Celeste, Open Diapason, Gamba, Orchestral Oboe


Wm6.jpg (96772 bytes)

6 rank main chest (in floor)

Ranks from right: Tuba Horn, 10" Tibia Clausa, Dulciana, Dulciana Celeste, Flute Celeste, Gamba Celeste


Wm4rk.jpg (91375 bytes)

4 rank free standing chest

Ranks from right: Tuba Mirabilis (barely visible), Style "D" Trumpet, Lieblich Tibia, Vox Humana

Small pipes at left are the 2' octaves to the Lieblich Tibia and Tibia Clausa. Large pipes just barely visible behind Tuba Mirabilis are the 16' Clarinet resonators.


Wm6chry.jpg (132214 bytes) 

Shot from in front of 6 rank chest showing 4 rank chest and double chrysoglotts above.


Wm2chry.jpg (86156 bytes)

Another shot of the double chrysoglotts and their support members, also note the two treble chests in front of 4 rank chest


Wmupper.jpg (102531 bytes)

Main chamber upper level pipe work showing the 8' octave of the Gamba and the Tuba Mirabilis. The five rank mixture is also located in this area but not visible. Note the horizontal swell shades which open into the balcony area of the organ grill.


Wmmixture.JPG (217637 bytes)

The five rank mixture installed about 12 feet above the floor in the main chamber.


Wmmixture2.JPG (172716 bytes)

Another picture of the five rank mixture


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