Jefferson Clocks

But before you go there, here is a rather unique

"Organ Grinder" Clock 


orggrinder.jpg (65783 bytes)

Made from cast metal with a Numeron digital movement



hour.jpg (55149 bytes)

The Golden Hour



exciting.jpg (62732 bytes)

The Exciting Hour  clock is identical to the Golden Hour but is silver rather than gold. The Exciting Hour is one of the two rarest of the Jefferson Clocks



silvergold1.jpg (78065 bytes)

A view of both the Exciting and Golden Hour Clocks 



minute.jpg (102566 bytes)

The Golden Minute



helm.jpg (61178 bytes)

The Golden Helm



jeffviewblond.jpg (22432 bytes)

The Golden View

Blond Model 

This is the other rare Jefferson clock. There were two versions of this model. One in blond and the other in mahogany



view.jpg (60607 bytes)

The Golden View Clock

Mahogany model



suspense.jpg (55573 bytes)

The Golden Suspense Clock

This clock also has the rather unglamorous nickname of the toilet chain clock



secret.jpg (59858 bytes)

The Golden Secret Clock



500.jpg (57587 bytes)

The Jefferson 500 Clock



ladymarion.jpg (21303 bytes)

The Lady Marion



880.jpg (22648 bytes)

The Jefferson 880 battery  clock.



integer.JPG (34381 bytes)

Integer Battery Clock



intermezzo.JPG (31835 bytes)

Intermezzo Battery Clock


Other Mystery Clocks


rexcole.jpg (22058 bytes)

Rex Cole Mystery Clock



starlight146.jpg (24755 bytes)

Mastercrafter's Starlight #146



eternalight416.jpg (32946 bytes)

Mastercrafter's Eternalight #416



model209.jpg (31166 bytes)

Mastercrafter's Model #209



For more information on Jefferson Clocks visit:

Rodger Russell's web site on Jefferson Clocks



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