Coin Operated Items


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Gumball Machines





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Mills Violano Virtuoso



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Close up of Violin Player

Piano behind violin



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Art Deco Parking Meter


slot1.jpg (51433 bytes)

Mills 1 cent slot machine



slot10.jpg (58138 bytes)

Mills 10 cent slot machine


Two Pinball Machines

starwarspinball.JPG (72488 bytes)

Bally Star Wars

One of the last two models of pinball machines made by Bally. Uses interactive video also.


fantastic.jpg (61675 bytes)

Capt. Fantastic


fantasticclose.jpg (77997 bytes)

Play field of Capt. Fantastic


booth.jpg (28004 bytes)

Old San Diego Phone Booth

The phone book in this telephone booth has a listing for the Organ Power Pizza Restaurant

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